Everyone’s in pain

I have a very close friend who has been in an abusive, shitty relationship for almost one year now. The weekend just passed we celebrated her 23rd birthday. It was a laugh! She seemed happy.

I reached home Sunday evening and a few hours later I receive a text saying that her and her boyfriend had yet another argument. He’s stormed off upstairs and gone to sleep, and she’s swallowed a box of pills. She told me – there’s the cry for help.

The whole time that was happening i was thinking of S. I know he’s hurt himself before, he’s probably tried some shit like this too. But who was there to save him?




Life has been like the opening scene of final destination 3 (Ok, maybe that is a bit much). I strapped in to my seat, I saw the crash happen before me and I held on no matter what. Except in reality I chose to ride the rollercoaster instead of following my gut instinct.


In the 2 years that we had been apart I had never forgotten what he did to me. It only took 2 months in to our new relationship that he was doing it all over again.

Our relationship was a secret, we were the only people who knew we were together. Now we (and whoever you are reading this) are the only people who know we’ve broken up, again. Did the past 2 months of my life just happen?